The following and other products are repaired in our Port Harcourt workshop at 2POINT CENTRE, No. 9 Eneka Link Road, Off Eliozu Junction, Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

  •   Christmas trees (all sizes)
  •   Actuated valves (all sizes)
  •   Manual valves (all sizes)
  •   Relief valves
  •   Tubing spools
  •   Tubing hangers
  •   Surface safety valves
  •   Backpressure valves
  •   Leak Investigation (pressure testing)
  •   Control-matics units
  •   Bean Boxes and wellhead equipment
  •   X-bushings
  •   Ball valves


In line with its corporate philosophy of diversifying to meet the needs of the Oil Industry, KORENT Services (Nig.) Ltd has moved into technical equipment supplies.    


From initial staff strength of three, KORENT Services Nigeria Limited has grown over the years and presently maintains a workforce of more than twenty (20) people from different parts of Nigeria.  Emphasis is placed on manpower development and training to update the technical and managerial skills so essential for the company’s growth.  The management style is constantly monitored and revised to meet the objectives set by the company.    


The quality management of this project is entirely in the hands of the Team Leader who is a seasoned engineer.  All quality assurance and control documents in line with Clients requirement would be handled by him in liaising with Client’s site Representative


A kick off meeting would be convened by Client where all necessary gray areas are cleared and periodically these would be held to ensure progress and feedback and control.  Any changes observed during the meetings would be fed back to and properly documented for future review.  


The overall project plan would be revised as frequently as necessary to reflect actual progress and any deviation changes in both cost and status / scope and notify this to Client’s management as soon as possible.  The feedback evaluation and updating of the procedures would be controlled by the project execution client engineer who incidentally would be coming to site often.    


All interfaces between the project execution team and Client would be defined together with their responsibilities, to enhance effective co-ordination.  All correspondence, reports, meetings and submissions with external parties would be formerly registered, documented and transmitted through the document control center to permit review, retrieval, follow-up and close-up of outstanding issues.