KORENT’S Management is committed to the provision of a safe working environment for the company’s employees, subcontractors and others affected by its operations.  The Operations Manager is entrusted with ensuring that the necessary organization and resources are provided for the implementation of policy and KORENT strategic objectives.

A HSE unit is maintained to provide specialized advice on safety and environmental affairs.  It has the Management’s full authority to maintain experienced and competent personnel to develop and maintain HSE management systems and to ensure that the policy is being adhered to and the objectives met.

As a further practical demonstration of the stated management commitment, HSE planning and reviews are placed at a high level in the company’s business planning cycle and meeting structure.  Managers spend time to proceed on field visits to ‘walk the talk’.  

Structure schedule of visits is reflected in the yearly HSE plan.  All personnel are entitled to HSE Competence training.

All levels of management and supervisors will give priority attention to HSE issues in the planning and execution of all activities, operations or services.  This will be achieved by:
Formal planning of activities, operations or services and scheduled review of the plans to monitor progress in all area of HSE issues.
Prompt implementation and follow-up of audit/inspection findings of KORENT/Client or third party facilities.
Effective communication of the plan and scheduled reviews.

All KORENT Supervisory personnel are to set quantifiable HSE tasks and targets with clear areas of responsibility and accountability.  This will be achieved by setting annual HSE tasks and targets by responsible staff.  Performance Indicator is measured by the level of successful completion of the HSE tasks & targets and ensuring that KORENT and contractor staff Job descriptions incorporate measurable HSE responsibility.